Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Pumpkin Picking #2

So we took him pumpkin picking again with better results this weekend. We went to Rockland County to this place called Concklins Farm www.theorchardsofconcklin.com

Better choice then last weekend I can tell you. They had all these really cool, super big (heck I fit in them) blow up rides & attractions. There was the jumping house and the haunted house and the super duper big slide. More on that slide in a minute.

He had a ball running through the pumpkins trying to find one that was just right. All I kept hearing was "Too big" "Too wet" "Too dirty". This kid is so picky, but he finally found one. As soon as I decorate it I will post a picture.

He LOVED the rides and attractions and went on a combination of them a total of 10 times. I thought he would be nervous in the haunted house but he wasn't. He went in three times (it's like a little maze) and kept turning himself around back to the beginning so he could stay in longer. The jumpy house was also done twice. There was this other one that was like a little maze and ladder that he wasn't impressed with. He only went once.
You don't scare me!
Vampires, HA! My papa is italian.
I know all about garlic!

Now about that slide. I still get the chills from it. Let me first tell you about the height. About 2 stories high. The only thing holding it up is air. Now you have to get to the top somehow right. Well stupid me thought that there would be some sort of stairs to the top. HA! I was wrong. Have you ever seen a Army movie where they have to do the obstacle course. You know the one where there is a long rope over a inclined plank of wood that you have to climb to get over the wall and the only way to get up that plank is the two by fours they have nailed across it as toe holds? Well imagine trying to climb that plank (that is slippery nylon) using the toe holds (that are made of the slippery nylon & full of air) and slowly pushing a 2 year old in front of you that can not get a grip in the toe holds. I did it FOUR TIMES! How the hell I didn't kill myself is a mystery. Although the 1st time up I did fall on the stairs (I use that word loosely) and almost took out the kids behind me. It would have been like falling dominos.
Anyway, the first time he was a little nervous. I sat him between my legs and went down. Now he has no fear. The other times he went down next to me and the last time he went all by himself. By the 4th time I was ready for an oxygen mask. What we don't do for our children.

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Colleen said...

Hi Alison,
Long time no see! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've checked your blog out a lot and this is the first time I've seen where I can leave a comment... unless I'm just a spaas and completely overlooked something extremely simple.

Yeah, Zach's speech is interesting. He gets OT, PT once a week and ST 2x a week. The ST is kind of worried too as it seems like he was doing well one week and the next week he was unintelligable. Who knows what's going on at this point.

Mikey looks GREAT!!! He looks happy and well. NYU are miracle workers aren't they?


Josephine Inzano said...

The King looks fantastic he is getting bigger and bigger every day
but I always say He takes after his favorite aunt!!!!!

He is such a joy to this family