Monday, April 16, 2007

Coloring Easter Eggs & Egg Hunt in the park

It took all my strength to tell him not to stick his whole hand into the color cup!

Atthe park they had a face painter. She is trying for a bunny. Notice I used the word "trying".

He doesn't seem too happy huh?

Well if you had DEVIL BUNNY on the side of your face would you be happy? What the hell is that black spot supposed to be?

But then there was the bouncy house and all was forgotten. How he didn't get smooshed by the bigger kids that were in there I have no idea. But it's good to know that may baby can hold hold own!
The Easter Bunny got creative this year. He taped plastic eggs hung from fishing line off his ceiling. Let me tell you, the Easter Bunny did not have fun doing that!
But it was all worth it when he saw them. They are still hanging over his bed. He won't let me take them down.
His Easter basket.
What says Happy Easter more then finger painting at the dining room table?

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