Monday, June 18, 2007

Eye Issues

Michael has been wearing glasses now for over a year now. We were hoping that the glasses he has would help correct the turning in of his eye. But we noticed that his eye was starting to turn again even with the glasses. We went for out appt with the eye Dr. on Wednesday and found out that his perscription has changed and we would need to get him a stronger set. That was no big deal but then the Dr. told us we would have to start patching his good eye from 4 -6 hours a day to make the weaker one work harder. This was not happy news for me. I will always do whatever my son needs to get better but I started imagining the fights I would have with him to get it on. The 1st couple of times trying to get one on him was a fight but it is getting easier. I keep telling him he looks like a pirate. Which he does!(*** He actually just said to me this minute "Mommy I don't need to put my eye patch on. My boo boo eye is fine". I wasn't even trying to get one on him, he just saw the box.)

So off to get the patches. The Dr. gave us a couple of samples and told us where to get them. They are called Ortopads and you can find them here They come in sizes and all these cute little designs. Michaels has the boys pack that have Red with airplanes Green camouflage Blue with spaceships Maroon with sports balls. I let him pick which one he wants to wear.

We have to do this for 6 weeks until we go back to the Dr. It might be possible n the future that he will need surgery. The Dr. said that we will have to wait and see. It is a 20 minute procedure ~ in and out. But the thought of him having surgery on his eye is not sitting well with me. He went through 2 major surgeries already and has another one to go for his cleft. Now his eye. This is something I am not looking forward to.

Here are some photos of my little pirate. Kelly...if you're reading this AAAARRRRGGGG!

Don't mind the messy face. He had just eaten.

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