Monday, July 30, 2007

It's been awhile

So I have been slacking on the blogging I know. It's been hot out and Michael has some new friends that have moved in next door so we are always outside. It's almost like it was when I was a kid (way back 100 years ago in the 70's). The mom's sit outside while the kids ride bikes and run around like crazy.

We are working on the potty (#2) training. I have to have him ready when school starts. They told us he has to be fully potty trained. What if a child isn't ~ they aren't allowed to go to school? It's insane putting a time constraint on it.

We took him to a huge fair they have every year. My God, the rides! He had to go on every one that he was tall enough to get on. At least twice.

Anyway, here are some new pictures...

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