Monday, September 03, 2007

School & Therapy

School for Mikey doesn't start until the 17th. Don't ask. At our catholic school regular classes start the 4th, kindergarten starts the 10th and pre-school/nursery school starts the 17th. I don't get it but whatever. But he does start his therapy through the Board of Ed tomorrow. He is going 2x a week for 1 hour a day (speech & OT). I keep telling him that he is going to 2 schools. I don't think he even needs it (neither do either of his therapists now) but it can't hurt him. It's also good practice to be away from me (or any family member) for a little while so when school starts he will be a little more comfortable. So off to "school" we go tomorrow just like everybody else.

As for his school. I have already met his teacher (she seems really nice) and the new principal (jury still out on him). They know my name and the principal has already pegged me to help out in the school. We'll see where that leads. But all my friends tease me that I am going to be "That Mom". They tell me that I will be PTA president in no time and running the school by the time Mikey is in Kindergarten. LOL! Ok, maybe I already have some ideas for the school functions and stuff but I will bide my time before blurting them out. Is the 2nd week of school too soon? LOL!

We went school shopping for him this weekend. He can only wear pants with elastic waistbands so it is easier for him to go to the bathroom by himself. Makes sense. Well I think we went a little overboard. He now has 11 new pairs of pants, 11 new shirts, a new pair of Nikes (with laces, no more velcro ~ UGH!) and a pair of Merrells. Add that to the numerous shirts and pants he already has and this kids has more clothes then the toddler section at The Childrens Place. Yeah, maybe I should have done a little inventory before we went shopping. Oops! But he will be well dressed, that's for sure.

Before you start thinking "why so much, he'll just out grown them in a month or 2" one thing ~ you have to understand about Mikey is he is small & doesn't grow really fast. He just got his skinny little butt into size 2T pants. He has been wearing size 3T shirts for awhile though. He has a long torso but isn't very tall. So these clothes will fit him for a LONG time. Well into the spring so it was a good investment. Not so much the shoes though. He is really hard on shoes, so I see a few more pairs in his future.

So That is where we are at now. Pseudo school starts tomorrow and real school starts the 17th. I have to go to the the school on the 11th for a Twin Towers memorial, meet his teacher and pick up his school packet.

Pictures to follow from the 1st day of school. Thank God I am the one who will be takingthe photos. I don't think you would want to see a photo of me blubbering and crying that my baby is leaving me while he walks in!


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