Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween

Michael has been sick all week. He's still sick. This is not like him. He was a little better yesterday so I took him out trick-or-treating for about an hour. We met up with some friends and started off. Have you ever been trick-or-treating with 9 kids and 8 adults? On a major throughfare with tons of other people? talk about confusion. Half of us were on one block and half were on another block at any given moment. But it was fun.

I sent him to school yesterday because they were having a party. I didn't want him to miss out and like I said he was feeling better. I brought in homemade chocolate lollypops of ghots and pumpkins. I thought hey would be the best thing there. Boy was I wrong. Otherparents sent in candy, coloring books, stuffed vampires, stickers. I need to step it up for Christmas LOL!

Us girls went in our jammies as Rosemary's Baby (inside joke!) and had our hair in pigtails. The kids were everything from Ghouls to a Power Ranger. But I wish I had taken pictures of some of the people out there walking around. Do they not have mirrors in their homes? If you weigh 300lbs, dont walk around like you weigh 150lbs, thinking you look like a cute little fairy. You look like Shrek! are some photos of Mikey

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