Monday, November 14, 2005

Christmas pictures

What it took to take these pictures! This kid doesn't sit still for anything. But even though, I think they are pretty good. Although there is one issue.......Look at this one with the JOY blocks. Notice anything strange that Michael is doing?

I was sitting at the computer with the salesperson picking out the different sizes and styles I wanted when another girl came over to see the photo. She proceeded to say "Does he have his middle finger out?" I thought I was gonna die. Not that he stuck out his finger, he has no idea what it means, but the fact that these pictures were VERY expensive and now one of them looks like he is saying "F Christmas". I laugh about it now but then at that moment I wanted to kill him.

Well here are the other 2.....

In this one they caught him before he got that finger out!

In this one they just didn't bother to put his fingers in the picture!

He has been babbling up a storm lately. We have heard DADA and I swore I heard UP. Ugh, all kids develop differntly I know but I want to hear my baby say more than MAMA.

Enjoy the photos!


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