Thursday, January 19, 2006

Just a few new things.....

So the talking is slowly coming along. We now have these words firmly in his vocabulary
  • MAMA
  • Mommy (Apparently it must be repeated over and over for me to get the true meaning of the word)
  • DADA
  • Moo
  • Ho Ho Ho (only when questioned with "What does Santa say?" Imagine him running around saying Ho Ho Ho, boy would I get into a lot of fights.)
  • NO (this is a favorite. It is mostly accompanied by him shaking his head NO as well.)
  • Dog
  • Park (Well almost. He's getting there.)

But when you talk to him, he understands everything. His speech therapist says that he is understanding language at a 3 year old level. I am impressed with a lot of what he does. He has a great memory (but like any man, only for things he wants to remember) and he loves to try and figure out how things work.

Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky. The kid is sunshine in sneakers. There are moments where I wounder if he is from this planet but then again that is all part of his charm.

Now for some photos.....

He actually sat still for 3 seconds while I snapped this.
Well almost. He rolled around a little so he was slightly out of frame but I still love the face!

This kid could spend all day running around at the park. He wears me out. But he's getting braver. He'll go on the slide alone now but running around on the jungle gym is stll a Mommy & Michael activity.

Here he is with Grammy & Grampy at his cousin Charles' christening. Doesn't he look thrilled. Poor kid was exhausted. He was busy trying to give mommy a heart attack by running away from her in the over crowded room. But he had to have a balloon.

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