Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Chocolate Casualty

When will I learn? Children are messy. Especially when they are learning to feed themselves.

I am in the process of making 100's of chocolates (well 98 lollypops and 192 small flowers) for my friends son's 2nd birthday. I have to get them done by Thursday night because Friday night I am going out (a small reprieve from the house)and Saturday is the party. Anyway, I figured I would try to get some done during the day. I usually do them after Michael is asleep. He was really good and didn't bother me too much. But then I gave him a small piece of chocolate and he kept coming back for more. So insanity and a lack of coffee made me give him the spoon I was using. A spoon which is 1/2 the size of his head. Guess what happened? Well, judge for yourself............

This is good!
Hum...Mommy is looking at me funny.

Maybe if I make a funny face she will laugh.

HA! Look at me. Could I be more messy?

It took many a baby wipe to clean this up but it is times like this that make me love him more. There is nothing that makes me feel better then when he does something to make me smile or laugh. Like today. He was watching TV and I was at the computer. Next thing I know he is duck walking over to me with his pants around his knees. Guess potty training is the next step.

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