Friday, July 07, 2006

How about this?

I took Mikey to McDonalds after the park yesterday. I thought that they still had the CARS toys but alas, no. Now it is Pirates of the Carribean. I figured what the heck is he gonna get? Well how cute is this?

My lil swashbuckler!
Move over Johnny Depp!

I also found out that the next set of toys that will be in the Happy Meals will be from HUMMER. Well Mikey will go crazy for those. Anyone who knows him knows that cars are his favorite things in the world and the Hummer is his favorite car. He has expensive tastes for a 2 year old. I have a friend who has a Hummer and everytime we see her he starts yelling HUMMER CAR - HUMMER CAR. He can't wait to get in it. The way I look at it, in 14 or so years when he can drive maybe I will be able to afford a used one for him LOL! Gotta start saving now.


meljoy said...

very cute! My son would have loved the nascar cake! he's been into cars since he was about a year old...

meljoy said...

I culdn't find the comment link on your potty training post, so I figured I'd comment here. I'm having issues with potty training too, but aaron's 3 almost 4, and he refuses to pee on the potty, so he goe son the floor :-( It can be cahllenging at first, but all kids get it eventually :-) He's not going to be 20 and in diapers!