Wednesday, August 30, 2006

To potty or not to Potty......

I set my sights on potty training today. The weather is gross and I figured it was a good day to start. If you know anything about Michael, once the sun is up he is ready to go to the park. This summer he must have gone everyday. But today was not a park day.

We got him a potty with all the bells & whistles, literally. It sings, it flashes, it dings. The only thing it doesn't do is really flush. I think it's called the Royal Potty or something equally rediculous. Here is the throne! It is so sensitve that you just walk by it and it says something. Quite annoying at 3am when you are half asleep, it's dark and you yourself are trying to go. I hit it with my foot the other night and let me just say THANK GOD I WAS ALREADY IN THE BATHROOM. It scared the S*IT out of me!

OK so here is the lowdown on the potty training. I made him sit on it with his clothes on so he would get the feel of it (with Cletus of course). Cletus is his Cleft palate bear. It has stitches on his lip just as if he had lip repair surgery. It it Michaels favorite thing in the world. We don't go anywhere or do anything without Cletus.

Then I took off his diaper and I explained that Cletus goes potty and put Cletus on the potty.

I told him that Mommy & daddy go potty. He should try it too. Then he sat on the potty for 5 seconds and got off yelling NO POTTY NO POTTY. OK another route must be taken. "You must put on a diaper or sit on the potty so you don't pee pee on Mommys floor". He then sat on it for a minute. Off he came like his ass was on fire. There was a mad dash for the livingroom. Sans diaper of course. He proceeded to run around with no diaper with me running after him telling him "If you feel the pee pee you go to the potty, not on mommys floor". From the kitchen to the living room to our room to his room. Repetedly. Until he stoped at the couch to play with Mr. Potato Head. Ok, so I think maybe he will go if I put the potty in the living room. I get the potty to try it out (I know what you are thinking about the potty in the living room but It was worth a shot) and put it in the middle of the room. I go into the kitchen for more coffee and come back to see him get up from a squat in front of the couch and book like the wind into his room ~~~~~~~~ leaving behind a turd on the carpet! Ok so the potty was literally 1 1/2 feet from where he finally took a dump and he couldn't make it. Maybe I should have been reinforcing the POO POO as well as the pee pee. That might have been my fatal omission. POO POO in the potty and pee pee in the potty. Gotta remember to say both.

After that he wanted a diaper and even got on the bed so I could put one on. So ends the 1st half of potty traing for today. To be continued tomorrow. Hopefully he will get near the potty and go.