Thursday, September 07, 2006

Could someone please tell my son he is only 2. Apparently he thinks he is 10. Let me explain.......

Michaels speech is growing in leaps and bounds. 3- 4 word phrases. Pretty good word pronunciation. Loves to repeat (gotta be careful around him though, I said Crap the other day and he proceeded to say it for 5 minutes). Sometimes when I ask him a question he answers it and I wonder where the words come from but I wonder more where he gets his logic.

I gave him a small tub of crackers and told him, please try not to spill them on the couch. Yes, I know he is 2 but I can always hope for the best. Not a minute later I hear "OOPS". Now there are crackers all over the couch. Crackers IN the spaces between the cushions. UGH! I say to him "Mikey did you spill the crackers?" The response............

"No, Bear spilled crackers"
And he holds the bear out and points to him. I had to laugh. The one thing he loves more than cars and takes everywhere and he rats him out in the blink of an eye.
A bit of advice for Cletus, don't take Mikey to court, you will fry in the electric chair!
The Accused & The Evidence

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Colleen said...

Poor Cletus!! As a mother of 2 two-year olds, I can guarantee Cletus is innocent. Siggghh, my house is just one giant playground.
Hope all is well on your end! :)