Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Christmas comes early #2

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I am at it again. Now it's a photo with Santa. The way I figure it is the closer you get to Christmas the longer (and more annoying) the lines of kids & thier obnoxious parents. You know the parents. They wait until the last minute and take the kids on a Saturday where the line is out the door. Then they expect the kids to be happy and smile like they were on the cover of Baby Vogue. Of course all you get from those kids is crying and snot because they are now tired and/or hungry from standing in line for an hour. That makes for a lovely picture. Well to avoid all of that I go in November. No lines, no crying, and most importantly no snot.

Well of course nothing is perfect but after 6 tries this is the picture we got. I didn't expect Baby Vogue but I did expect him to at least look in the cameras general direction. No luck there but then again there was no crying from him, there were no lines, and again no snot so I am quite happy with the results considering all that did go right.

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