Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The dentist & stuff

So much has gone on in the weeks since I last posted. Where to begin....

1) The Dentist~*~*
My poor baby has 9 cavities. The dentist said a lot of it was caused but all the fruit snacks he use to eat. One has been filled and this Thursday he is going for a root canal. We go every week and have somethng done. He was good during the 1st visit when he had his teeth cleaned, panaramic x-rays, and temp filling put in four teeth. No tears and he got some little toys afterwards. The dentist will not do any work on his cleft site until he talks to the Dr.'s at NYU, but apparently the teeth at his cleft site are growing in in a V shape. Not great news. He got a perscription for an antibiotic to prevent infection in the root canal site.
The 2nd visit was a little more difficult. He had to have a cavity filled. Now he knew what was going on. We went into the room with the huge fish tank, which he couldn't wait to see the 1st time. They put on the Backyardagins. He was fine until the dentist pulled out the little pointy scrapey thing. Then I had to hold him down (he was on my lap) and listen to him cry. It took all of 3 minutes but he was scared. After it was all over he was fine and got more toys. No pain after and 1/2 hour later we were at MCDonalds. Kid is a trooper!

2) Thanksgiving~*~*
We went to my parents in Delaware for the weekend. It was a lot of fun abut a 3 hour trip took 4 hours there and 5 hours back. Michael loves it there. There ia a catch and release lake and plenty of room for him to run around and ride his bike. he also did something that we call "saving grammys life". She was outside with him kicking a ball around and Mike and I were inside. next thing I know Mikey is knocking on the door and Mike got up and I hear "Look at Grammy". Apprently she lost her footing kicking the ball, fell backwards and hit her head on the road. She's ok but thank God Mikey got to the door.
He meet his twin cousins for the 1st time, Anna & Charlotte and they are the most gorgeous little girls you have ever seen. Just about 11 months old. I wanted to eat them up. He was so caring with them. Followed Anna wherever she crawled and gave Charlotte her toys. It was precious.
We found he likes to play dominos. Well my dad and Mike play and give him some and he has a ball pretending to play.

3) The Dentist 2~*~*
Well we thought he would need a root canal on one of his bottom teeth. Well first came the numbing gel. He wasn't thrilled with that. Then the shot of novacaine. Boy did he scream. But the dentist put on the trains that run through the office right below the ceiling and he was distracted for awhile. Then the real work began. He is on my lap and we are tilted back ready for the dentist to start and he starts freaking. I have his arms pinned and his legs in a scissor hold. The dentist comes at him and he is thrashing like a fish. He starts to drill and realizes that the tooth is infected and needs to be PULLED! Yes pulled. The whole process couldn't have taken more than 5-7 minutes but it felt like forever. Once it was over he was a mess. Crying and hugging on to me. We got his little toys they give out (they gave him extra) and left. When I got him into the car he calmed down and then passed out in sleep 5 minutes later. He stayed asleep when we got home and slept for 2 hours. After that he was fine. It doesn't seem to bother him at all. Thurday we go back to see if we can get the root canal done on the other tooth or that one needs to be pulled.

We decorated the tree and this year he was big enough to help. He loved helping me with the ornaments and putting the tree top on with Daddy.

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