Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas in NY

I'm sure that a lot of people think of Brooklyn as a place that wouldn't even think of really getting dressed up for Christmas. Sure there are the houses that have the standard lights and some that even have the huge blow up carousels and Santas. But then there are the people who want nothing more than to have people come by thier homes with the kids and smile, take pictures and just enjoy.

I have been going to these houses, which are across the street from each other, for years. Now we take Mikey. They do it EVERY year and you can't even get down the block on a Friday or Saturday night cause of all the cars driving by. They hire an Elmo and a Frosty to collect from the passing cars for various charities. They do it all because they want to. And I think they are awesome for doing it.

This is the smaller house. You can actually walk uo the stairs to the large front window that they have all these figurines in. They also have a live Santa on weekend nights. You can kinda see his throne in the 1st picture on the bottom right. He sits for 3 hours just saying hello and taking pictures.

This is the larger house. Forgive the blurry pictures but most of the stuff is moving.

The soldiers turn and the reindeer & elves on the top porch move from side to side. The carousel also moves.

This Santa is almost as high as the 2nd story of the house. And the toy soldiers arms move up and down.

They even have a name for all of it...Toyland.

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