Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Potty Training & School

Well he did it. He went in the potty on Saturday. 3 times actually. Then we had a setback and he refused to go again until last night. Now this morning I have had to change his underpants 2x but he is letting me know when he has to go. The best words I can hear nowadays is "Pee Pee's coming!". Slow and steady, that is my approach. He will get it to the pont where he uses the potty all the time.

It's gonna be an adventure the 1st time we venture out with out a pull up on! Gotta remember to bring a change (or 2) of clothes. I got a great tip from a friend. She said that if you are going a distance take a small container with you, like to small plastic container the chinese soup comes in, with you and you can use that in an emergency. I am definately gonna do that.

Notice the soft taco. If this is any indication of how his appetite is changing, potty training is gonna be an adventure!

Which leads me to my next entry. We are registering him for school on Monday. There is a catholic school right across the street that has a 3 year old program. It could not be more convenient. 5 days a week, 8:30-11:15. So potty training is a must at this point. He doesn't start until Septemebr but he has to be completely potty trained. I am so excited for him but I am nervous too. We get to see the class next week. I hope he likes it. I bet he'll be one of those kids that walks to the door, says "bye mommy" and goes in with no fussing. Meanwhile I am falling apart outside LOL!

Here are just a couple of cute pictures of my future golfer!

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