Friday, February 16, 2007

Snow & stuff

Boy it's been a long time since I posted something. Things have been pretty quiet here. Mikey doesn't have to go back to the dentist until March. We thought he had an ear infection. That was the worst. He has NEVER had an ear infection (thank God) so when he told me his ear hurt I started getting worried. I got him to the Dr. the next day. Apparently he is getting a molar. Just what we need, another tooth!

Well it snowed here the other day. Not a lot but enough for Mikey to be bouncing at the door to get out. Well the day before it snowed I realized I had no boots for him. Now where am I supposed to get boots the day before the snow. Luckily I found some at Payless. Boy did they live up to thier name. I got them for $10. I was really lucky on that one. They were the last pair.

So I get him bundled up in te snow pants, boots, coat, and mittens and take him outside into the frigid wind. This is the one tine I was greatful that he was in diapers still (I'm working on it!). All the jokes about getting him bundled up and him saying he had to go potty went flashing through my head. I let him play in the garden while I shoveled. Here are a few photos.

We also had Papa's birthday. This kid loves a party. Anytime I mention a birthday he asks if there will be cake. He has to blow out the candles. I tried explaining Valentines Day and he asked me if there would be a party!

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