Thursday, May 17, 2007

New additions......

Well I believe that congrats are in order here in our house. We have 4 new additons to to our household. Who knew that making us a family of 7 instead of 3 would make Mikey so happy. He wants to play with them, even though they are so small. He loves to feed them, but I have to keep a check on how much he feeds them.
Well here they are....... let me introduce MOO ~ KITTY CAT ~ DOGGIE ~ and MOM
The school that Mikey is going to in Sept. is having a carnival. So for $5.00 I bought 40 little ping pong balls and let him have a go. Who knew that a 3 year old would win 4 fish. But I guess the odds were on his side with that many balls.
Of course the names are all his doing. I like that one is Mom. The kid amazes me sometimes with what he comes up with.

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