Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fish update & getting dressed

First the fish ~~~~

Apparently we have Mafia fish. We had our 1st casualty the night we got them home. Kitty Cat "went to sleep with the fishes" (ok bad joke). I thought nothing of it. These $.50 fish don't last that long. The remaining 3 seemed to be fine. As of today they are still alive and kicking. They truly are members of this family. They eat like sharks. Anywho.... We went back to the carnival on Sunday and Mikey won another fish which he quickly guessed it, Kitty Cat. Well this little guy was swimming around in the bag like his tail was on fire and he kept going like that even after he got in the tank.

Much to my surprise, the next afternoon.....dead. I have a feeling that the other 3 have formed a mob and don't like anyone trying to get a cut of thier food. We should have named them Tony, Pauly Walnuts & Silvio.


My son can be a neat freak. Certainly not regarding his toys, but about himself. He hates his hands to be dirty. Yesterday he was concerned about his hair being messy. You get the idea. Well since he is using the potty now, one thing I give him control over is choosing his underwear. On most days it's simple. I ask "Bob, Thomas, Cars or baseball" and he chooses one and we get dressed. The other day it was not that simple. I was holding a stack of clean undies when I asked the question. I will never do that again. He wanted to "pick". This was the result.

He felt the need to line them up on my bed and go "shopping". It took 10 minutes for him to choose. I can't wait for the teenage years. Shopping will be such a joy.

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