Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Oh, boy....he's 3. People always warn you about the terrible 2's. Well now that he has amazing command of his speech and knows how to use it he takes full advantage of that.

We now hear curse words. and he uses them correctly. I have to stop cursing when I am driving. The kid is like a sponge.

We went to the park and he says:

"Mommy my hair is messy"

"Yes Mikey, your hair is messy"

"Mommy my hair looks shitty".


But I love him to pieces. His birthday was actually May 25th but we are having a party this weekend. His birthday usually falls right on the Memorial Day weekend so we never really have a party on the day. But he did get his birthday presents already. He got a bike and a fishtank. Now to get get him to pedal forwards instead of pushing backwards, hitting the brake and making me almost topple over him and the bike due to the short stop. The fish from the other posts have gone to a better place. But I would like to say that the last one to go was MOM. Hopefully with a real tank we won't have so many casualties so close together.

This year he wants a Disney CARS party. Every year we have a theme.

1st year ~ Elmo

2nd year ~ NASCAR

3rd year ~ CARS

Notice a pattern? The 1st year he couldn't choose a theme so we did. After that if it didn't involve a vehicle he didn't want it. I asked him if he wanted the backyardigans, NOPE, Diego, NOPE, Thomas the Tank Engine, NOPE ~~~CARS!

Well here is his yearly birthday picture. I try to correspond the picture to his theme.

I will post party pictures after the weekend. Time to take him to the park. It's something we do every day, weather permitting.

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