Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Ok, so I am posting Easter pictures even though it is almost his birthday. I got birthday pictures too! I am such a 1st time mom. I take him for photos for every stinking thing. Will he care when he gets older? Probably not, but they are more for me than they are for him anyway. Hopefully his wife will want to see them LOL!

Well here is Easter.....what a difference a year makes.

We made him put his hand in his
pocket for this photo because of

the Christmas picture. LOL!

Does he look like he is waiting
for a bus?

Now on to his birthday pictures. Every year I try to have his birthday pictures reflect his favorite thing. Last year it was Elmo. This year it's cars. We can not go anywhere without a car. He would take them into the tub if I let him. Heck, it's the word he says the most. Everything is a car. A truck, a van, his dad at times. He is a pisser.

Car on his shirt and his Matchbox
cars on the #2. See, we can't go
anywhere with them.

I can't believe that he is almost 2. It seems like yesterday that we were in Texas and I was freaking out thinking that he would never sleep more than 3 hours at a time. He is becoming a little man. No more baby.

His speech is getting better. He how strings a couple of words together. "No more car" (again with the car) is a favorite statement. It means he doesn't want to drive in the car or if he hides a car he says it. We now hear PAPA for grandpa, ice (don't know where that came from), up and a couple more I can't think of. I'm getting brain freeze! It's after 11pm and I am exhausted.

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