Monday, June 12, 2006

Speech & NYU

I know that in earlier posts I have said that I am worried about his speech, or lack there of. It's something that I will always be worried about but he is coming along nicely. Here are some of his newer words....

no way
coo coo (as in clock)
papa park car
boo boo
no more
oh boy
ta da (mostly after he does something his thinks is amazing)

I had called Shelly at NYU to voice a concern about Michaels teeth. He seems to be getting one on the cleft spot but because there isn't enough room it is growing out of his gum instead of down. I even e-mailed her a photo of the area. Well she said that any tooth in a cleft area is a good tooth. It will be checked at his yearly conference. Well Michael was eating while I was on the phone and he was right next to me and said "papa". She said "did he say papa. make him say it again". So I had him say papa & puppy. She said "Alison do you know what that means? It means his palate is working correctly". He says it really clearly. I was thrilled. So we proceeded to schedule his yearly conference for June 14th (ths Wednesday). Apparently there will be a lot of visiting orthodontists that day so Michael will have an audience.

All those people will render him mute I know it. He is not great in crowds. But Shelly tells me that she will take him off to the side away from eveyone to get him to talk. I hope it works. I think I'm going to make a video of Michael talking in case we can't get a peep out of him. Don't know if Shelly will use it but it's better to be prepared! LOL. I let you know how it goes.

Here are a couple of photos. Can't blog without photos.

Michael decided that he would take out my pots and pans, bring them into my room and make a pasta dinner. He even brought in the knives, forks & spoons.