Friday, September 15, 2006

A Sunday Outing

This past Sunday I took Michael to Family Day at the Knights of Columbus. We try to take him every year. They have pony rides and the Half Moon, a BBQ, cotton candy and snow cones. Now that he is a little older he really can enjoy it. He had a hot dog and his first taste of cotton candy (he wasn't impressed) but he did like the snowcone.

Well he kept asking for the pony. Finally the ponies showed up. A Shetland and a regular pony. Well guess which one Captain Courageous wanted to go on. The big one. Well big for him anyway. I kept trying to convince him to go on the smaller one but he would not hear it. Only the bigger one would do. First I let him pet the ponies. I didn't want him to freak when he got on. Even though he wanted to get on the bigger one I wasn't sure how he would be once he got on. Michael walked right up to them and pet them.


Then it was his turn to ride around the parking lot on "Tiramisu", the Shetland was "Chip" original names I thought . I guess there is a little Texas cowboy in him cause I didn't even have to hold him on (which gave me a chance to take pictures). The helmet kept falling over his eyes but he didn't care.

Then it was time to go on the Half Moon ride. He went with Kristen and loved it. He was on it twice.

So after doing all this and zooming around on his bike and playing with some other kids it was time to go home. It took all of 30 seconds for him to fall asleep in the car. He was pooped. But he had a ball and I can't wait to see what he does next year.

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